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Why Should You Keep a Rabbit as a Pet?

People are keeping rabbits as pets since 1800’s. The life span of rabbits can go up to 12 years, if you take proper care of them. Rabbits that are often associated with Easter season are known to be among the cutest and playful pets all around the world.

Majority of people believe rabbits are not only pets for children, this is however a wrong notion. Rabbit have fragile bones and they do require adequate training and handling otherwise children may cause them some injuries. Since rabbits are quiet, children often tend to become hyper active with them and might harm there rabbit.

It is not recommended that you put rabbit of same genders in a cage, especially if one of them is not neutered. This is mainly because of sexual reasons. You should give importance to compatibility of rabbits in this regard. You should also never leave rabbits alone with cats and dogs because of the predatory instincts of canine and feline pets.

Rabbits also have got the nature of defecting and urinating at the same place and thus you should litter train them. You need to keep a litter box in the cage in order to keep it clean. Like dogs, rabbits can also recognize the various voice commands. A healthy pet rabbit loves to play. Thus, you should provide them with some toys. However, make sure that they do not posses choking hazard to these pets. Look for chew toys, as rabbits simply love them too much. A rabbit can be housed using a number of ways. Usually people raise the rabbits indoors.

There are many kinds of rabbit cages including normal ones to cube condos to exercise pens. These creatures also have a habit of roaming like cats and dogs. You should provide rabbits with grass and fresh water daily. Fruits with more sugar content and green vegetables are also advisable for pets. Avoid giving them starchy food, as it has a negative impact on their health. If you choose commercial foods, then the owner should avoid those having nuts because this food contains fat which is very difficult for a rabbit’s metabolism. If your rabbit becomes fat, it may lead to health complications. Commercial pellets are thus recommended to be given as supplements for grass hay and not as a major dietary content. You should also check your pets for various infections or disease.



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