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What Should You Do If Your Child Believes She Is Fat?

Bringing up children is hard enough especially when faced with them thinking their fat. Perhaps it is a reflection of our celebrity culture that is to blame or simply that it is an early start on how many people, especially women, view themselves. It is so crucial for parents have and teach self worth.

When your child thinks they are fat you cannot bury your head in the sand and hope that this will go away, nor hope that they’ll grow out of it. An issue like this usually stems from a child needing something; drawing attention to them self this way is not from vanity but of an insecurity of some kind. How can you approach this with subtlety and love?

Does she know for sure you love her? If yes, how does she know that? Do you talk with her often, just the two of you? If yes, is it fun, easy going and full of laughter? Does she ever hear you talk badly about your own appearance or that of others? I ask these questions not to look to you for any kind of blame, it is simply for you to be aware of your influence and relationship with her. As her Mum she will be looking to you the most.

Initially, start talking to her (not at her), nagging her or putting any pressure on her will make matters worse. Listen very carefully to how she responds without questioning her about how she feels just yet. Simply let her talk. Keep the communication open, frequent and free from any distractions. In other words, she gets your undivided attention. This will help her relax and eventually open up to you.

In a few weeks, gently mention that you are here for her, start talking a little about how you felt when you were a young girl, laugh with her it and chat about clothes, boys, friends and make-up. Be a friend but always a mother by letting her know you care about her no matter what. Don’t judge her or get frustrated if she doesn’t change immediately. She is going through many adjustments as she tries to discover who she is. We can only imagine the pressures young girls feel today but we can help them build a strong foundation and sense of self to help them through their future challenges.



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