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Celiac disease sufferers now have a unique wheat-based food option

Quinoa is a wheat based food that is highly nutritious. It has proteins that contain a more balanced ratio of amino acids that is needed for the body. The nutritional profile is made complete with the abundance of fiber and minerals not found in most foods available.

For a while, there have been debates and research done to determine if quinoa is actually safe for individuals with celiac disease. As a wheat based food, many people were hesitant to believe that this seed could actually be safe to eat. Also, many people wanted a gluten-free product that contained the same nutritious value found in most foods that contain gluten.

Before a food can be approved as gluten-free, especially if it is wheat based, a diagnostic test has to be made. ELISA is the diagnostic test that is required. Though it may not be completely accurate, it is used to determine the traces of this specific wheat protein in a specific product. If a product contains more than twenty parts per million of the protein it is deemed unhealthy for those that have celiac disease.

Quinoa is not similar to other wheat based foods like rye or barley. Rye and barley are grains while quinoa is a seed. Since this is so, the seed does not contain the wheat protein but small traces may be found on it due to cross contamination with wheat based foods.

To avoid buying products that are contaminated with the protein, consumers must read labels and purchase from reliable and trust worthy sellers. Buyers can look for the FDA logo or purchase foods like quinoa online from specific sites. There are also additional ways to determine whether or not specific food products have traces of this particular protein in them.

Most boxed and/or packaged foods have been rinsed and have had the saponins removed. Some have been germinated and are grown in areas where cross contamination is not possible. People must also be aware that there are different varieties of the seeds. Some seeds are more likely to cause discomfort in those that have celiac disease.

Is quinoa gluten free is a question still being investigated. Some scientists say that the seed is safe enough to consume. Maintaining a healthy diet will require individuals with celiac disease to make informed decisions to ensure that their blood sugar levels are always healthy. Eating a variety of foods and buying products from reliable companies and sellers will ensure that individuals are getting the best nutrition available.



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