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Learn how to motivate your children to volunteer

If you want to teach your kids how to be more responsible and yet have some fun, then you should get them involved in several volunteer organizations. And as parents, you can help encourage that.

1. Discover their passions. It would be more engaging for them if they are involved in activities they like. For example, if they like to play soccer, they can be trainers to the little ones or serve as waterboys during games. If they’re into academics, they can serve as tutors.

2. Find organizations together. A lot of parents seek out volunteer organizations on their own. This is actually not ideal. After all, it’s your kids who are going to volunteer, not you. What you can do, though, is to guide them in choosing an organization.

You may want to find one that operates near or within your neighborhood. It’s more convenient for you to keep track of your child’s well-being and progress. You can also come up with a list of possible organizations and allow the kid to choose. It may also help if you’ll bring your kid to teach of these associations and give him or her a feel of what they do. Normally a facilitator can help you out. Your child would be able to see how volunteers really work.

3. Volunteer yourself. It would be much easier for you to encourage your kids to volunteer if you’re also into it. Whenever you have the time, tag them along. They don’t have to be helping, just make sure they can observe how you work and deal with people. A lot of organizations have separate volunteer projects for parents and kids. You might want to get into those programs, so you still belong to the same association.

4. Consider other modes of volunteering. Volunteering in organizations can take up a lot of time, and your children may not have the luxury. It is therefore necessary to think of other kinds of volunteer activities For instance, you may pack some presents to be given away during Christmas. You can volunteer in animal shelters and take home a pet. You can then assign the pet to your kids.

5. Make them more excited to volunteering. Show your children some clippings or videos of other kids volunteering and how happy they are doing it. You can also talk about your own experiences and how it made you a much better person.

6. Get help. There are plenty of organizations that can help you convince your children to volunteer. Some of them can be found online, so you can have an insight on what they do. You can also download brochures and other materials that may help you out.

7. Use affirmations.Use subliminal messages to increase the self-confidence of your children. A lot don’t like to volunteer because they think they are incapable of doing so or they’re too shy to do so. Surround the home with positive messages like “You can do it” or “You’re a star.”



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