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How Effective Are Foods That Fight Cancer, Other Illnesses, and Aging?

Should we believe it or not? Can fruits, berries, vegetables and certain foods have any effect on our health or even on aging?

If you one of them asking these questions you are not alone; actually you may join some million others. With so many health benefits found in natural foods was not expected by a medical research team. These are new alternative health breakthroughs discovered every week. As research in natural health is becoming more dominant, science are finally starting to realise the power and benefits of Mother Nature’s pharmacy without any side effects. There are many proven cures and powerful health alternatives that are inexpensive but yet unknown to many people.

Why haven’t we been told about it? There are several reasons for this. Many people prefer to see a doctor and think he is the only one with answers to the health problems. The lack of knowledge about alternatives in health and its overall benefits without any side effects is another reason. People are not realising that alternative medicine has opened a whole new world. Unfortunately it’s a world that very few ever get to know because they fail to gain knowledge to take control of their own health.

Most of natural-alternative cures are inexpensive in comparison to conventional medicine. Many of the natural positive cures discovered are not being reported by main stream media or often just conveniently overlooked. If people would get the right information on how to heal themselves of almost any disease without visiting a doctor or going to a hospital this would be a disaster for the general health and pharmaceutical industries because its profit margins would be reduced or even eliminated.

The illness and aging fighting foods we must have! As signs of wrinkles and crow’s – feet start to appear people are searching for that mystery fountain of youth, but no such fountain seems to exist, at least not at the moment. To improve our health and stop the degenerative effect of aging has been an ongoing tough battle with some expensive treatments like Botox and costly injections etc. Besides having inflicted more wrinkles on your wallet and gained some side effects from this exercise nothing would have changed for the better.

Option number “ONE” and actually the only option is to revert back to nature. This is by far more cost – effective, better for your body, health and looks. This is your first simple step to take: Exchange the Botox and injections for antioxidants, anti- bacterial, minerals and vitamins.

Here are some important foods, fruits and vegetables to include in to your diet:

  • Avocado: Avocado oil has many qualities and can help from premature aging and diseases such as cancer
  • Blueberries: They have anti-inflammatory properties and has many health benefits
  • Cranberries: Very high in vitamin C and proanthocyanins, both are powerful antioxidants
  • Kiwi Fruit: Provides vitamin A, C, E, trace minerals and dietary fibre, plus many more
  • Bilberry: Abundance of antioxidants and linked to eye health and other benefits
  • Prunes: Have many benefits, vitamins, anthocyanins, minerals and aging-related help conditions
  • Apricots: Beta-carotene, vitamin A, C, potassium, fibre, can help eyes, heart and stroke
  • Acai Berry: Has many benefits; here are just some: polyphenols, anthocyanins, essential fats, vitamin E, minerals, it also can help DNA damage, eye problems and cardiovascular conditions.
  • There are other fruits such as Camu-Camu, pear, acerola cherry, passion fruit, white grapes, purple grapes, nashi-pear, wolfberry, pomegranate, aronia-berry, and lychee-fruit etc.

Impressively, many studies have shown the mixture of fruits can help the body to restore and to continue normal health without the potential side effects so common with pharmaceuticals. All these fruits together plus more are available in one liquid supplement convenient to take.

As the body absorbs liquids faster and more effectively than solids, absorption is important to consider when taking dietary supplements.

Not to forget the super nutrient: Luteolin is a natural occurring nutrient known as bioflavonoid and is important for good health. This is found in high amounts in many plants and vegetables including broccoli, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, basil, celery, artichoke, carrots, capsicum etc. This super nutrients act as a potent antioxidant, protecting the body from free – radical damage and are helping to slow down the ageing process. A nutrition rich diet in luteolin reduces age-related inflammation with memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease. To improve your health and stop the degenerative effect of ageing try to include some of these foods in your diet.



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