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What is the best way to keep a man guessing?

Men are chasers with a purpose to preserve on chasing simply as long as something or a person is of notable interest.
Here are a few moves on how to preserve a man guessing as a way to keep him interested in you and coming for more over and over.
Play a touch hard to get
Instead of ending the chase by way of presenting your self on a serving dish on your guy, preserve him guessing always by gambling a touch tough to get.
Your guy will preserve on chasing you in a bid to win you over absolutely. However, as opposed to acting to carry arrogance, you must try and update that notion with mischievousness so that your man pursues you luckily.
Exude an enigmatic attraction
Although you may display your love for your dream man, make sure that you nonetheless exude an enigmatic charm that keeps your man in guessing mode always.
Your man is certain to get closer to you in a bid to know you better as he attempts to uncover that enigma.
Use a little creativity and surprise him
You can e-book a marvel dinner for your man or honestly take him skydiving if that’s what each of you want.
These surprises will no longer most effective please him but additionally preserve him guessing as to what glad wonder would possibly come subsequent whilst he attempts to discern you out.
Change your physical and intellectual outlook
Instead of tying up your hair in that equal old bun or only carrying jeans, strive out a brand new appearance that your man would possibly have desired to see on you.
These makeovers might be amusing for you and hold your man guessing at the same time as his diverse fantasies merge into you.
Let him make naughty guesses
You can depart raunchy messages on his cell cellphone or post naughty snap shots of your self on his e mail address.
Rest assured that your man might be guessing on exact things to come back throughout the day. However, a touch discretion is advised in these leaky times.
Impress him with some new capabilities
You can surprise your guy by way of cooking up a brand new dish or cross rappelling with him and wonder him together with your competencies.
His interest in you’ll really continue to be alive as he desperately attempts to wager as to what number of unknown capabilities are still possessed by you.
Keep on reinventing your self
You can be part of new training or attend workshops to pick up new skills or pursuits that can be beneficial to both of you.
This move will now not best help you to upgrade your skills and reinvent yourself however additionally maintain your guy guessing as he fortuitously waits to find out about some thing new approximately you with every passing day.
These movements will flip the spark for your relationship into a raging fire of affection and ardor, and keep your guy guessing at all times.


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