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Do you want to be successful when it comes to dating with men? If the answer is yes, Here are seven blunders you should avoid at all costs

Dating is a game and like any game you need to make sure that you play it right. Here are some of the mistakes that you must never make while dating men:

Trying too hard to please

When you are dating a guy you do have to work hard to create the right impression but you also have to make sure that you are not trying too hard to please him. Please your man by being you not acting like someone else.

Exposing your feelings easily

You need to be a little measured in how much of your feelings you reveal to your man. If you make him see how much you like him or expose your vulnerability to him too fast then your man will lose interest in you really fast.

Giving out too much of information

When dating a man you have to make sure that you filter the amount of information that you let out. Going all out and telling your man everything about yourself right at the beginning of the dating game leads a man to get bored with you soon as there is nothing left to discover anymore.

Being in awe of the man

You need to be very self assured when you are dating a man. Do not let his success or good looks get the better of you and make you feel in awe of him. Have high levels of confidence especially when you are dating a guy who is successful and you will see that you will be successful in dating men.

Being possessive and acting jealous

The last thing that you should do when you are dating is getting possessive of a guy. Acting possessive leads you to acting jealous, whether you like it or not. This shows you as a very insecure person and that makes a man change his mind about you.

Going on the fast forward mode

Some women feel that if the dating is going on smoothly then it is fine to assume that they will be going onto the commitment zone. You need to avoid going on this fast forward mode as it portrays you as a desperate woman and desperate women don’t get the right men.

Calling him more than he calls you

The last dating mistake that you must never make is calling your man more than he calls you. Calling him too often gives him the upper hand in the relationship and makes him feel that he doesn’t need to chase you. This also makes him lose interest in the relationship.



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