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Do You Want to Keep Your Boyfriend Always Hooked to You? Use These 7 Tips to Your Advantage

It is a great feeling when you know that your boyfriend is completely into you, but there are times when you are frustrated because you are not sure about how he feels as he is quite hesitant to reveal his true feelings. Relax, understand how you can make your boyfriend addicted to you, the tips given will help you.

Go the old fashion way

This trick may be old fashioned but it is true that when you make yourself unavailable you take a first step in making him addicted to you. Men like to chase, and when they see that you are acting pricy, they would love to go after you because they want to win.

Your poise and confidence makes you desirable

The way you carry yourself with confidence and attitude makes him take notice of you, he is curious and wants to know you more. Your values and your character that make you a confident person is very attractive to him.

Do not let him know that you will be his always

In the initial stages of your relationship take time to know each other, do not be eager and tell him that you will be his forever, it will make him lose interest in you. Let him work on getting your attention, so that he gets the satisfaction of pursuing you and ends up loving you.

Have your own life

Prioritize your life, let him see that you have a life of your own and are busy with your work or studies, whatever the case maybe, and cannot be with him always even if you want to. Seeing that you are a person with own ambitions and goals will make him more addicted to you.

Allow him his breathing space

Do not be a clingy type and let him do his things at his own pace the way he wants to. Respect his need to be on his own and he will like you for your sensibility. It also shows that you are trusting and secure and he will respect and value you for it.

Look great when you are with him

To have his attention on you and to keep the attraction on, work on keeping yourself in great shape and looking beautiful always. When he sees the attention that you get from all the guys around he will defiantly be possessive about you.

Be a great company

When you are fun loving and know how to enjoy life he will want to be in your company. Find out what are his interests and passion and do things which you both are happy doing. Make your dates exciting and fun loving so that he is left asking for more.



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