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How to Cook Indian Food in Less Time and With Less Fuel

Starting out to cook may be overwhelming for most people. Not all of us have been taught to cook by doting grandmothers. For those who have only made tea and coffee all their lives and are just starting out to cook real food, it can seem overwhelming to deal with it all. However, with the right intentions, you can learn to cook good Indian food in no time at all. Today, the internet is a treasure trove of Indian recipes and tips. You can browse and learn from it or you can buy cookbooks to help you out. However, there is nothing like learning to cook from a friend or family member. Here are a few ways you can save time and fuel when you cook Indian dishes.

  1. Using the pressure cooker liberally is a great way to save time, fuel as well as oil. Yes, that’s right! Not only does a pressure cooker cook food in very little time, it also ensures that it does so with a minimum amount of oil. Since it cooks food on steam pressure, the resultant dishes are nutritious, tasty and have low oil content. Pressure cooker is great for cooking different kinds of lentils, beans like the Rajma and the Chole, vegetables and meat.
  2. Buy yourself a set of nonstick cookware as they are absolutely great for cooking Indian food. A Kadai, a Tawa and a frying pan are things you will need the most. Using non-stick cookware will ensure that your food gets done with very little oil (because such cookware will not absorb oil). There are a variety of brands available but it is always a good idea to invest in one that is expensive. You don’t want your non-stick cookware to become unusable in a year. So buy good cookware every time.
  3. You must be using a gas stove to cook in your home. Saving on fuel will cut down your household budget a lot. You can do this by always using the lowest flame possible to cook (unless you are using a pressure cooker). Using the lowest flame is not only cost-effective; it also makes food tastier as the spices you use don’t dry up too fast.
  4. Boiling your vegetables before cooking them in oil and spices is a great idea to save time and fuel. When you boil them first, you save fuel by reducing the cooking time. You can also boil chicken and red meat first in plain water and spices before cooking them in oil.

Saving time and fuel in your kitchen will not be difficult if you are serious about it.



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