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Cages for Rabbits in Large Sizes

Buying cages for your rabbit pets can be fun and exciting. However, it is not that you buy rabbit cages blindly and moreover not all the cages are perfect for sale. Thus, you need to look for cages that fulfill the necessary standards. Among the easiest things to do is to buy large rabbit cages. This not only gives large space for your rabbit to run around but also it makes it a lot easier for your pet rabbits to accommodate to the cage as they can freely move around the cage actively.

If you are facing issue with the price or space, then you can even consider buying a second hand rabbit cage. For some breeds of rabbit smaller cages are preferred but again you need to check them out first.

Firstly, you need to consider the number of rabbits and the breed of rabbits that you want to raise. By doing this, you can easily determine the size of the rabbit cage. It should be around four times the size of the rabbit.

Then you need to decide whether you should keep you rabbits indoors or outdoors. The outdoors ones require large cage, whereas the indoor ones can be keeping in the smaller ones. The outdoor rabbits need to be well protected from harsh or extreme weather. Thus, you need a large cage for them that too, having a good shelter.

You should very well know about the material with which the cage is made. You should avoid buying cages that come with plastic laden metal wiring. This is because if your pet chews on them then they may face health issues.

You need to also avoid wired floor cages. Wired floored cages usually consist of a pan underneath it so that it becomes easier for disposing the droppings of the pets. However, this type of flooring is uncomfortable for pet, as it can trap their nails and cause them grievous injuries. Thus, buying cages with solid bases are preferred. Also, it is a must that you place a litter box in the cage.

Look for cages that have got their roofs that open up, as it allow your litter boxes as well as rabbits to be it in and out of the cage easily. Otherwise, you should buy the one having doors in front, so as to allow the rabbits to roam in and out of the cage.



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