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How Boys And Girls Are Completely Different

As adults we realize that there are differences involving women and men. There are the physical differences and emotional as well. But have you ever wondered if babies are born with the emotional differences, or does environment dictate those differences. Really it’s a small bit of both.

One huge difference between boys and girls is motion. Boys tend to move from the minute they are born. Girls will focus on a person’s face, a boy on the other hand likes to focus on movement. Because boys are more likely to be in motion, they are more likely to harm themselves, so I guess boys really will be boys.

It appears that girls are smarter than boys when they’re babies and toddlers. Even once they start school girls appear to learn faster. Girls aren’t smarter, they just have much more concentration when they are younger. The motion that baby boys show from birth stays with them through being a toddler and in their early school years. That’s why girls seem hit their milestones quicker than boys. Boys will have more concentrate as they get older, and quickly catch up in those early school years.

The concentration factor might clarify why boys appear much less fearful than boys. When we explain issues to little girls they listen better and we clarify it greater detail and so they have a greater understanding of what could occur. Simply because small boys don’t focus as well we give them the abbreviated version of something, so they aren’t obtaining the full reason why they ought to not do something. Due to the lack of information they appear to take greater risks.

A Study done at Texas A&M University found some thing extremely amazing. This study was done in 2009 and used eye tracking software. What was found was that babies that were as youthful as 3 months old showed a preference for gender specific toys. So environment does play at role in our children, but there are also some inborn natural instincts as well.

With all of that being said, bear in mind each boy and girl are unique and go through many stages. For instance a girl who played with trucks and loved sports, might grow up to be a supermodel or the next Martha Stewart. The little boy, who used to love to play dolls and house, can become the best quarterback in the NFL, or a corporate giant. Children go through several stages in life. Encourage them to be who they are and try to rid yourself of who you believe they should be.



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